About Emma


Everyone should be doing work they love...

As a human resources leader and executive coach, I love helping employees to have the best experience they can have in the workplace. Employee success ultimately ensures a business’s success. With 2o years’ experience in nonprofit and corporate human resources, coaching executives, improving processes, and solving problems, I know how to turn around an individual’s performance through effective coaching and feedback.

My job is to make sure people have what they need to do their jobs, help them overcome obstacles, and ensure they feel empowered to do their work. A situational leader, I provide more or less support depending on a person’s strengths and level of competence. I also encourage everyone to understand their “why” or purpose; then everything makes sense.

I bring an enthusiastic, optimistic, and energetic presence to any environment and ensure that whatever their role, employees are engaged, energised about their work, and continually growing. My strategies for success:
✦ Improve individual performance and focus on results that are clearly linked to organisational strategy.
✦ Understand the context, make a decision, and keep moving. Lead meaningful meetings that focus on ideas, participation, and follow-up that leads to action.
✦ Deliver truth and be direct with people, even if it’s not what they want to hear.
✦ Apply the four principles of “Fish!: A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results:” Choose your attitude. Make someone’s day. Be present. Have fun.

Executive Coaching ✦ Leadership Development ✦ Executive and General Recruitment ✦ Change Management ✦ Employee Experience ✦ Organisational Change ✦ Performance Management ✦ Human Resources✦ Strategic HR Planning ✦ Developing & Leading Teams ✦ Process Improvement ✦ Succession Planning ✦ Employee Orientation & Onboarding ✦ Talent Management ✦ Organisational Development ✦ Employee Relations ✦ Hogan Accredited