Thriving Women Program

Are you a Woman in Business?

Calling Melbourne and Perth women! 

If you are a woman in business, woman in leadership or female entrepreneur looking for a mix of one on one coaching, small networking opportunities and professional growth workshops, our new program will suit you! 

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Career Coaching - 90 Day Program


Find your purpose, use your passion and get paid your worth!

This service is for women who don't quite know what they want to do next, career wise. Having journeyed with many women across the last 10 years, and being an ex-recruiter, I follow a tried and tested process to help women find a role where they can use their passion, find their purpose and get paid their worth.

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Hustle to Thrive - Mentoring Program


Take Action - Take your Side Hustle and turning it into a full time job!

Having had a side hustle for five years and then stepping into the business full time, I know what it takes to make a business successful. This program is designed specifically for women who have had a side hustle and want to grow their business so that they have the choice in whether to take their side hustle full time. 

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Tailored Coaching Program

Let's face it, we all need some help from time to time. Having a coach to bounce ideas off; help you take some time out to reflect on how you are behaving; focussing on how you are reacting to situations; preparing for a difficult conversation or levelling up your performance. 


Propel to Success - New Manager


New Leaders First 90 Days Program

Whether you have a new manager in your team, or have recently become a manager, it is an opportunity to lead, engage and motivate others to make a significant impact on the company’s success. Without the right investment, coaching and support, you will not have or be a great manager. Poor management leads to high turnover rates, workplace stress and declines in employee engagement and performance. All organisations exist for a certain purpose; good management of employees is critical to ensure the purpose is fulfilled. Everyone has the innate ability to be a great manager. However, for many of us this does not come naturally. An intentional investment can turn a technical expert into a great people manager. 

This is not a typical training course; I make sure change is understood, practiced, embedded and ultimately becomes habitual for managers. We work together in real-time, based on adult learning principles and blended learning. Then together we reflect, refine and keep working on it. 

Who needs this program?

Any new manager, who wants to be successful, fast. The first 90 days as a brand-new manager can be an exciting time, but it can also be difficult, daunting and overwhelming. You are probably an expert in your field, but now you need to know how to get results through others, to motivate a team and to have difficult conversations. Perhaps you feel as if you have training wheels, but you want to make sure you don’t make any mistakes. If you are in a manager role, you have potential, but do you have the skills and confidence to know where to start and how to have an immediate impact? 

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As a new manager, it can be difficult to step away from being a technical expert, and start a new journey of discovering your innate management style and capability. Emma was able to help me step up to the challenge by providing coaching, and support based on a genuine interest in my career and in me as a person. Emma has a way of knowing what questions to ask, to understand the real issues and to help push you outside your comfort zone, even when you think you’re not ready! - Nandita Kohli, Recruitment Manager, World Vision Australia