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Hello! We kick off Thriving Women Perth for 2019 on Thursday the 11th April. 

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Why was Thriving Women born?

Working as an Executive Coach and as a faculty member with Women in Leadership Australia and The Marketing Academy, I have worked with women who have felt stuck and invisible in their organisations with nowhere obvious to go, or the business owner who has lost her spark because it all got a bit too much. I love working one on one, as every single person has specific things they want to work on.. 

But.. there are some common themes that keep popping up and by dealing with them as a group, we see more traction nd realise that we are not alone. 

Here's what I am seeing:

  • What if they find out I'm a fraud, what if I'm not good enough, what if what if. That inner critic that tells us we can not do it, is L.O.U.D. Not only is it loud, it affects 70% of women!!

  • I'm lonely - even though we have technology at our finger tips, we are lonelier than ever. It's about finding the right people to not only hang out with but support you and your goals.

  • Community over Competition. We have been told that we need to compete, but what if I told you that you didn't need it? That you could have support and be a support to other women? 


Thriving Women is for you if..

You have a business that you have been working in and your feel there is more potential that could be unlocked with the right help.

You have been working in your own business for a few years and you have lost the joy, spark or motivation and feel burnt out and tired all the time and would love to feel inspired again.

You were clear on your offering when you first started but somewhere along the way you became everything to everyone and there is no clarity in your business and therefore revenue has dropped or plateaued.

You are working within an organisation in a middle or senior role and want to level up your game, whether that be about dealing with that pesky inner critic or learning how to influence better or getting results through others. 


Thriving Women Perth

Launch Event!

Thursday 28th February

Workshop Dates

Friday 12th April

Friday 9th August

Friday 1st November

Friday 13th December

Private Networking Dinners

Thursday 11th April

Thursday 8th August

Thursday 31st October

Thursday 12th December

Closed Facebook Group

Not only is it important to keep in touch one on one, but also as a group, this group will be about sharing information with each other and knowing that there is a group of people who you can come to at any moment and share with.

One on One Coaching

Because we all have different things we need to work on, we will take the time to have a number of one on one coaching sessions. These begin with a questionnaire so that we are crystal clear on what we need to work on throughout the course of the year


How big is the group? We know that having a smaller group of women who have your back is better than having a hundred women in a room, so the numbers will be capped at 12 places.

How can I find out more? We know that sometimes you just need to speak to someone, if you would like to know more, please hit contact us and I will pick up the phone and talk to you about the program in a little more detail.

What is the investment? 

For the full 12 month program, the investment is $12,000 plus GST. Early bird pricing for the month of March at $10,000 plus GST. This includes all workshop materials and dinners. We have payment plans available also. 

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Looking for more information for Thriving Women Perth?

Click on the below links for more information about the programs. What's the difference between the brochures? Whilst the program caters for women who have their own business and women working within organisations, the focus will be slightly different in our tailored coaching sessions. 

Perth Entrepreneurs Final (pdf)


Perth Organisation Final (pdf)


I'm in! Where do I sign up?

Are you serious about results?

You may have been trying to get results and it hasn't happened for some reason, but you have a new resolve!

Not for the faint hearted

Learning does not have to be dull - does it? While achieving results, we will have fun along the way.

Let's do this!

It's time to invest in you! Want the Early Bird pricing? Of course you do! 

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Meet Nicolle...


I have worked with many Business Coaches in the past 22 years but none like Emma. Her caring and practical approach to new ideas and strategies have had a huge impact on my bottom line. Most importantly, Emma has helped me believe in myself and have the mindset to succeed. 

Nicolle Knox - Owner - Indulgence Medi Spa