Results don’t speak for themselves

I was in a conversation with Evelyn. She was lamenting the fact that she was not given the same opportunities as her colleagues. I asked what she was doing to find and secure those opportunities, and then I heard the words that made me cringe “my results speak for themselves”. She is not alone.

I wish they did Evelyn, but results alone won’t cut it any more, you can’t expect a promotion JUST on the results you currently get. When you go for a promotion, it’s a step up, a chance to play more strategically; a chance to think more globally: an opportunity to get results through others; it’s the chance to showcase your staff and to help them think bigger.

Many women believe that by talking about their achievements, they are gloating, or by showcasing their experience, they are bragging. By not talking about their accomplishments, this is holding them back. Remember my article “Are you worth it?”, well, of course, you are, now that you know it, it’s time to share it with the world. How do you go about taking control of your career and promotions? Here are a few steps I gave Evelyn to do:

Work on the mindset

If you have a fixed mindset and feel like you can’t do this, then you won’t do it, simple. It’s time to reframe this mindset and positively talk to yourself and then express that. Do you know the value you bring to the organisation and can you articulate it? Do you know how to communicate the value of what you do (not just the task) to others? If you win, who else around you wins? Your boss, your team, your organisation. Spread the word (and if that makes you uncomfortable, try with a smaller win).

Know the wins

To talk about the wins, I figure you need to know what they are. Do you know? Do you reflect regularly enough to know what they are and the value they brought your team, department or organisation?

Practice the pitch

Have we all heard of an elevator pitch? Does anyone EVER pitch in an elevator? No, but it’s always good to be ready! The same goes in this situation. Have your accomplishments ready to whip out when you need to; you never know when someone is going to ask you about your work, your latest project, your most recent results. Having a pitch and rehearsing it, so it’s authentic will help you get comfortable with it.

So, the next time you think about saying the words “my results speak for themselves” can you reframe and say something like “my results are excellent, and I will show people my value by talking about the results that I have achieved”. I know this might be hard for some of you, but you know what, you’ve got this!

I’m Emma, and I’m a business and executive coach who believes wholeheartedly in the potential of women. My coaching philosophy is simple- taking action leads to results- and I love working with women in business and in corporate roles to take their passion and drive and transform their professional and personal lives.

Be enthusiastic, optimistic and energetic, every day.

Em x

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