Thriving Women


A Year of Continuous Learning and Community

Do you look around and see that your network is full of people who don’t run a business or don’t understand your career? Do you crave connections and are ready to immerse yourself in a year of growth?

Enter Thriving Women – a vibrant community where exceptional women can forge connections, ignite inspiration, and embark on a journey of continuous learning.

The Power of Women Coming Together

When I see women coming together over the course of Thriving Women there is a unique power that is hard to replicate in other situations. Thriving Women creates a sense of community and belonging, which helps those involved feel heard, supported, and understood. Friendships have been formed for life and the connections live way beyond the program itself.

It really is magic. Or is it?

I have proudly created a safe space for women to connect with one another, to work towards common goals, share experiences, offer insights, and empower one another to do AMAZING things.


6 x individual tailored sessions for the unique challenges in your business or organisation.


4 day, 3 night overnight retreat to plan your year and quarter.


2 x 3 hour professional development workshops and 2x Hot seats curated especially for our thriving women.


4 day, 3 night retreat to check progress


Tickets to all my events ALL year round: GoGetter Days, Business with the Queen, Day with the Queen


Connect, celebrate, learn and be inspired in a beautiful setting. Each dinner has a theme and the food and drink is wonderful.


Need that additional suport between coaching and catch ups? Emma McQueen is your business champion and coach in your pocket.


A private Facebook Group, a supportive group of women and Emma cheering you on.

When Does it Happen?

Thriving Women is a twelve month program for women in Melbourne. It’s about true collaboration, learning, growth and networking with a tight knit group. To get the most out of it be sure to add these dates to your diary as soon as your accepted.


  • Rest & Relax
  • Rejuvenate
  • Reset


  • 8th Dinner #1
  • 21st – 24th Roadmap Retreat


  • 7th Go-Getter Day #1
  • 22nd Co-working #2


  • 17th Business with the Queen
  • 19th Workshop # 1


  • 9th Dinner
  • 31st Co-working #2


  • 6th Go-Getter Day #2


  • 17th Business with the Queen
  • 24th – 27th Mid Year Retreat


  • 8th Dinner
  • 23rd Hotseat #1


  • 6th Day with the Queen
  • 20th Co-working #3


  • 11th Hot seat #2
  • 24th GoGetter Day #3


  • 15th Workshop #2
  • 29th Co-working


  • 5th Dinner

Is Thriving Women For You?

  • You feel you have more potential that could be unlocked given the right support
  • You have lost joy, spark or motivation for your work
  • You feel burnt out and tired all the time and would love to feel inspired again
  • You were clear on your offering when you launched but somewhere along the way you became everything to everyone
  • There is no clarity in your business and you feel like there’s no one to lean on and talk about it
  • Your revenue has dropped or plateaued
  • You are working within an organisation in a middle or senior role and want to progress your career
  • You have huge goals for your career and know that you need to combat that pesky inner critic, learn to influence or be a better leader.

Look at What These Thriving Women are Saying

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Emma has coached me through a break up of a business partnership, founding my own business, helping me grow and scale through covid times. I now lead a team of six, my business revenue grew 200% last year, and I am on track to double that this year. I work with amazing clients. Plus, I get to be there for my family in a way that I want to be, which is so important to me. Emma has helped me to create a lifestyle that I LOVE. Emma’s guidance, support and encouragement has helped my confidence grow, I have learnt to lean into my strengths, outgrown unhelpful self-beliefs, and have a clear road map to achieving my goals.

Bec Stenner profile

Bec Stenner

Creative Seed
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Well, it's been three years of the "funnest" ride I've had. Emma McQueen came into my life after I stalked her for awhile and then reached out for some help with a particular problem. Thanks to her coaching and her Thriving Women collective, I have had three years of rediscovery & repositioning for myself, my business and my ongoing purpose. Emma is the most infectious, positive, energising coach you could have in your corner. Go on, do it, reach out to her, you will NOT regret it.

Julie Doyle profile

Julie Doyle

It's Not a Hobby
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If you're a female business owner and want someone in your corner to cheer you on and work with you to smash all of your goals - and those you could only ever dream of - then Emma is your woman. In my time working with Emma (a smidge over a year) I have tripled my business revenue. I've never been afraid to work hard, but I have been afraid to charge my worth. Emma is a genuinely beautiful human being with a smart head for business and a great coaching technique contextualised to your needs. She'll help you get out of your own way and show the world all that you can - and should - be! I couldn't imagine not having her in my corner.

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Before I hired Emma as my business coach, I was feeling uncertain and lacking in confidence. Emma encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and gave me ongoing support whilst I did. She shared insights and knowledge that allowed me to try new things and helped me stay focused on my goals. I have a clearer direction to where I’m heading, I am more confident in who I am and what I do, and I have connections with other like-minded women. Emma is creative and innovative with ideas, and is brilliant at helping you utilise what you already have to maximise your growth and earning potential.

Megan Jaworski profile

Megan Jaworski

Megan Jaworski
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Throughout this year I have been lucky enough to be selected to work with Emma in the Thriving Women for Microsoft program. This is a 6 month program where I have broadened my Network, connected to seriously smart women and getting to work on my own career path and clearly define my strengths and understand what areas to work harder on. There are two key area's where this program has really helped me. 1. Being able to share my idea's and business problems with like minded women in IT and use them as a sound board to apply in my own situation. 2. Working directly with Emma as a one-one coach who has helped me define exactly what I want in the next step of my career and to show up and ask for it!

Rhiannon Tunstall profile

Rhiannon Tunstall

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Emma is wonderful to work with. She is intuitive, motivated, always positive and always honest. I've had the privilege of working with Emma for the past 12 months and she has been an immense asset to my business and I.

Rebecca Kartel profile

Rebecca Kartel

The Kartel Solution
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Emma's thriving women program was such a wonderful experience. It contained community, connection and coaching. The women we connected with and the ongoing relationships formed was priceless. Our business flourished by doing the thriving women program.

Dr Lucy Burns profile

Dr Lucy Burns

Real Life Medicine
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Emma McQueen is a brilliant coach and facilitator who has got me thinking big, guided me through taking action, and moved my business partner and I to clarity and teamwork. I was part of Thriving Women for two years and it is a joy to be a part of a community of women who are all accelerating their businesses whilst providing support and exchanging ideas with each other. Emma creates and cultivates an atmosphere of community over connection and she puts in 110%. Emma has helped us to double our revenue, to understand our worth and importantly our value.

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Emma has really helped me to increase my confidence and try new things in my business. Before I worked with Emma I felt really overwhelmed with my next steps, the large to-do list felt crushing, and I didn't know where to even begin. I felt a little bit lonely not having friends who worked in their own business who understood some of the challenges I was going through, so I thought a group coaching program would be a great fit. Emma has helped me find some clarity and calm in my business. Her energy is infectious and her generosity of spirit, time and energy are unparalleled. She has created a network of businesswomen who are supportive, encouraging, and incredibly inspirational. I feel privileged to be a part of this network and I look forward to another year working with Emma McQueen.

Marie Vakakis profile

Marie Vakakis

The Therapy Hub

All places now filled for our 2024 program

Be sure to express your interest for the next Thriving Women. 


Business is an exciting journey with friends who understand you. Together, you can share ideas and celebrate successes in a vibrant, supportive community!

  • 4 x community dinners
  • 3 x Go-Getter days
  • 2 x Business With The Queen
  • 1 x Ticket to Day With The Queen
  • 4 x online co-working sessions
  • Private Facebook Group


A community is more than just a support system, it’s a rich environment where learning from others is paramount. You are ready for the next step.

  • 1 x Roadmap retreat (4 days)
  • 2 x Face to face workshops
  • 2 x Face to face hot seat sessions
  • 4 x community dinners
  • 3 x Go-Getter days
  • 2 x Business With The Queen
  • 1 x Ticket to Day With The Queen
  • 4 x online co-working sessions
  • Private Facebook Group


You want it all: community, learning, coaching and connection. You want to make the most out of the next 12 months and you want an inner circle to do it with.

  • 1 x Roadmap retreat (4 days)
  • 1 x Mid-year retreat (4 days)
  • 6 x 1:1 Coaching sessions
  • 1:1 Access to Emma
  • 2 x Face to face workshops
  • 2 x Face to face hot seat sessions
  • 4 x community dinners
  • 3 x Go-Getter days
  • 2 x Business With The Queen
  • 2 x Ticket to Day With The Queen
  • 4 x online co-working sessions
  • Private Facebook Group

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