Go-Getter Day


This Isn’t Your “Average” Business Owner Event!

You know, those painful networking events where all the women are pitching to you and it’s a disorganised mess?

Nope. This is more like the gift you give your business to make up for all the time you’ve spent ignoring it because you’ve gotten so busy working inside it.

IMAGINE: a gathering of brilliant, purpose-driven business owners combined with focused, creative co-working time, wrapped in a delicious package specifically designed for you and your business.

When You Join Us You’ll Get What You’re Really Needing Right Now Including:

  • Finding that elusive time dedicated to work ON your business
  • Connecting with like-minded women that take you to the next level
  • Creativity flowing in a new, collaborative environment
  • Increased productivity that will springboard your growth

As a small business owner, we often don’t have anyone at that top level to bounce ideas off of and that can make us feel really isolated and stressed.

When you lack the support of other women in business it can take you far longer to make professional connections, find great staff and contractors to hire, or simply know who to turn to when challenges come up.

Also, once you start achieving a certain level of success, you find it hard to justify taking the necessary time to work ON your business, am I right?

My task is to make sure this experience is a smoothly run balance of focused implementation time and quality social connection; and YES, I can confidently say, I’m up to this task!

Team McQueen spends months preparing for these days and pours so much love and care into ensuring they run smoothly. We pride ourselves in putting extra attention into things like; the guest list, the gourmet menu, the flow from one activity into the next, the individual coaching time, and even hand-picked gifts for every person who attends…

This event just gets better every time we put it on and the 2024 Go-Getter days are going to be the best so far!

I’ll even be setting you up to guarantee your time is well spent on this day before you even arrive with a pre-planning session. This is designed to help you come in crystal-clear on what your goals are, make sure they are realistic, and talk about how we can help.

I’ve developed a bit of a reputation for connecting women of the highest calibre and thus seats to these live events are highly coveted, and we will sell out. The reason why people even fly in just for the day is that we always go above and beyond to make sure you have the greatest experience possible.

What past attendees say:

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Emma has coached me through a break up of a business partnership, founding my own business, helping me grow and scale through covid times. I now lead a team of six, my business revenue grew 200% last year, and I am on track to double that this year. I work with amazing clients. Plus, I get to be there for my family in a way that I want to be, which is so important to me. Emma has helped me to create a lifestyle that I LOVE. Emma’s guidance, support and encouragement has helped my confidence grow, I have learnt to lean into my strengths, outgrown unhelpful self-beliefs, and have a clear road map to achieving my goals.

Bec Stenner profile

Bec Stenner

Creative Seed
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Well, it's been three years of the "funnest" ride I've had. Emma McQueen came into my life after I stalked her for awhile and then reached out for some help with a particular problem. Thanks to her coaching and her Thriving Women collective, I have had three years of rediscovery & repositioning for myself, my business and my ongoing purpose. Emma is the most infectious, positive, energising coach you could have in your corner. Go on, do it, reach out to her, you will NOT regret it.

Julie Doyle profile

Julie Doyle

It's Not a Hobby
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If you're a female business owner and want someone in your corner to cheer you on and work with you to smash all of your goals - and those you could only ever dream of - then Emma is your woman. In my time working with Emma (a smidge over a year) I have tripled my business revenue. I've never been afraid to work hard, but I have been afraid to charge my worth. Emma is a genuinely beautiful human being with a smart head for business and a great coaching technique contextualised to your needs. She'll help you get out of your own way and show the world all that you can - and should - be! I couldn't imagine not having her in my corner.

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I have been taking part in Emma’s monthly Go-Getters programme and for once I have really worked on my business. It’s has helped me understand how setting time aside to focus on your business really does help it excel. I would recommend Emma’s services to anyone who really wants to see growth within their business.

Siobhan Mulvahil profile

Siobhan Mulvahil

With Zest
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Emma is wonderful to work with. She is intuitive, motivated, always positive and always honest. I've had the privilege of working with Emma for the past 12 months and she has been an immense asset to my business and I.

Rebecca Kartel profile

Rebecca Kartel

The Kartel Solution
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It’s been an absolute pleasure working with the bubbly and insightful Emma McQueen. Being a part of the ‘Go-Getters’ program has elevated my business to amazing new heights. Her encouragement and wealthy ideas to ‘get things done’ has enabled me to work smarter and not harder. Each session I get so much more than what I was expecting! Plus her book is full of business goodness. Thanks so much Emma

Laura Higgins profile

Laura Higgins

The Inspired Hive

Meet Your Host Emma McQueen

Emma truly, wholeheartedly believes in the potential of women. Throughout Emma’s 20-year career in recruitment, human resources, and leadership development, she has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience across diverse sectors, including corporate, not-for-profit, and small business. Emma’s unwavering dedication to empowering women and helping them achieve exceptional results in their businesses sets her apart as a true industry leader.

Emma’s unique approach to personal and professional growth is rooted in her expertise in personality profiling and identifying individual strengths. By honing in on these key attributes, she creates tailored coaching strategies that uplift and inspire women to reach their full potential. Her boundless optimism enables her to envision possibilities that others may overlook, further amplifying the impact of her guidance.

We guarantee this event will leave you feeling more focused, supported, and on track to achieve your next business goals.

Here are a couple of big reasons why you absolutely don’t want to miss out:

Reason #1: Gold Nuggets

The conversations throughout the day when you’re talking to somebody, whether you’re just talking over coffee, or sitting down to talk to someone new at lunchtime will be filled with little gold nuggets. Just sharing an idea you have or finally getting that missing piece of the puzzle you’ve been pondering is worth the price of the ticket alone!

Reason #2: Giving Yourself Permission

Being caught up in just doing all the day-to-day of business leaves you constantly lacking that time to implement the changes required to grow and scale your business. In devoting a full day to your business you will finally give yourself permission to spend the dedicated time that has been eluding you.


This is the ONLY live event dedicated to connecting female small business owners with each other in a purposeful, intentional way whilst also allowing them the much-needed time for co-working in a creative environment.

When you attend, you’ll get:

  • Time and space to step out of the daily operations to think, create, play and plan;
  • Networking with like-minded women
  • Full catering – gorgeous morning and afternoon tea and lunch
  • Access to my “Queen’s Parlour” for individualised support and common sense check-in
  • A fabulous business book to take home with you
  • An action plan for the quarter ahead for you to take home and implement;
  • My Keep. Stop. Start plan to take home and put into action.

This event is so special to me and I’m even slightly obsessed with making each one better than the last. You can expect to be surprised and delighted at how much fun you have while also making great strides ahead for your business success.

The time you spend at your Go-Getter Day is all about you.

It’s for the heart-centered small business owners, like you, who are ready to get shiz done. This is where we bring together all the best parts of networking and coworking, add in some delicious food and the power of great coaching support.

You’re going to walk out of this day feeling more ready than ever to achieve your business (and personal) dreams!

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Jun 6 2024

Where: Vibe Hotel Melbourne Docklands
443 Docklands Drive, Docklands, VIC
When: 6 June 2024
Time: 10 am – 4 pm
Full Price: $397 + GST
Early Bird On Sale Now $297+GST

Oct 24 2024

Where: Vibe Hotel Melbourne Docklands
443 Docklands Drive, Docklands, VIC
When: 24 October 2024
Time: 10 am – 4 pm
Full Price: $397 + GST
Early Bird On Sale Now $297+GST

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do i need to bring?

Fully charged laptops/phones/devices
If you have a power bank – bring it along
Our charging stations are always in hot demand.


Thursdays 7th March, 6th June AND 24th October
10 am – 4pm. Arrive at 9.30am to ensure we start on time.


Vibe Hotel Melbourne Docklands
443 Docklands Drive
Docklands, VIC 3008


Everything is included.  Resources, morning tea, lunch, delicious lunch, brilliant women and MORE. 


Registrations typically close a week out.  Book now and don’t miss out. 


The full price is $397 + GST. 


Just head on up above and add this event to the cart.  


We’ve got you covered.  When you book state your dietary requeirments. 

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