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A Day with the Queen was brilliant. A beautiful event led by brilliant speakers. Every detail was so well thought out. Some wonderful surprises along the way from very generous sponsors and brilliant workshops as well. Highly recommend attending if you would like to connect with some fabulous women in business and have a fun day!

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Day with the Queen had everything I expect from an Emma McQueen event - lots of laughter, inspirational speakers, conversations with incredible women, and a good dose of surprise and delight! It was a wonderful reminder of how rewarding it is to step out of your business for a day to connect with others. So worth the time and investment - I'll be back for the next one!

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What I loved most about Day with the Queen, I loved the energy, the laughter and the connection to other women in business. This is hands down for women in business. I'm five years in myself and I walked away feeling energised and challenged. I spoke to women who were in start-up and 10 or more years in and I think if you have a good vibe and you want to connect and learn (and share) this is for you. See you there!

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Emma has coached me through a break up of a business partnership, founding my own business, helping me grow and scale through covid times. I now lead a team of six, my business revenue grew 200% last year, and I am on track to double that this year. I work with amazing clients. Plus, I get to be there for my family in a way that I want to be, which is so important to me. Emma has helped me to create a lifestyle that I LOVE. Emma’s guidance, support and encouragement has helped my confidence grow, I have learnt to lean into my strengths, outgrown unhelpful self-beliefs, and have a clear road map to achieving my goals.

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Bec Stenner

Creative Seed
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Working with Emma has been one of the best decisions I've made in my business. Emma is intuitive, positive and genuinely supportive. She also has an incredible network of amazing women and I'm so grateful for all the wonderful new people I've connected with through her. It's been amazing having Emma in my corner through the ups and downs of the last year - she truly lives her values of kindness and generosity!

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Well, it's been three years of the "funnest" ride I've had. Emma McQueen came into my life after I stalked her for awhile and then reached out for some help with a particular problem. Thanks to her coaching and her Thriving Women collective, I have had three years of rediscovery & repositioning for myself, my business and my ongoing purpose. Emma is the most infectious, positive, energising coach you could have in your corner. Go on, do it, reach out to her, you will NOT regret it.

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Julie Doyle

It's Not a Hobby
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If you're a female business owner and want someone in your corner to cheer you on and work with you to smash all of your goals - and those you could only ever dream of - then Emma is your woman. In my time working with Emma (a smidge over a year) I have tripled my business revenue. I've never been afraid to work hard, but I have been afraid to charge my worth. Emma is a genuinely beautiful human being with a smart head for business and a great coaching technique contextualised to your needs. She'll help you get out of your own way and show the world all that you can - and should - be! I couldn't imagine not having her in my corner.

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Working with Emma will be one of the most memorable, life changing and crucial decisions you will ever make when it comes to getting the most out of your business, personal life and achieving your future goals. Emma’s passion and desire in helping others is nothing short of spectacular and displayed with her amazing clear, logical and forethinking views. Emma will leave you energised, refocused and ready to hit your targets and reach your next big goals.

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Gabi Burong

Settlement Box
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Emma has been my executive coach since mid 2018 and she has been a great asset to my professional life. Having someone like Emma who is experienced, professional and outside of my organisation to speak with about professional challenges and future career plans has been invaluable. Emma’s ability to asks the right questions has helped me to look at problems in different ways. Her advice and techniques encouraged me to take on new and rewarding career challenges. I value her insights and recommend her services!

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Grace Ng

Commonwealth Treasury

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Before I hired Emma as my business coach, I was feeling uncertain and lacking in confidence. Emma encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and gave me ongoing support whilst I did. She shared insights and knowledge that allowed me to try new things and helped me stay focused on my goals. I have a clearer direction to where I’m heading, I am more confident in who I am and what I do, and I have connections with other like-minded women. Emma is creative and innovative with ideas, and is brilliant at helping you utilise what you already have to maximise your growth and earning potential.

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Megan Jaworski

Megan Jaworski
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I have been taking part in Emma’s monthly Go-Getters programme and for once I have really worked on my business. It’s has helped me understand how setting time aside to focus on your business really does help it excel. I would recommend Emma’s services to anyone who really wants to see growth within their business.

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Siobhan Mulvahil

With Zest
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As a new manager, it can be difficult to step away from being a technical expert, and start a new journey of discovering your innate management style and capability. Emma was able to help me step up to the challenge by providing coaching, and support based on a genuine interest in my career and in me as a person. Emma has a way of knowing what questions to ask, to understand the real issues and to help push you outside your comfort zone, even when you think you’re not ready!

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Nandita Kohli

ME Bank

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I participated in a coaching program, managed by Emma. This was an extremely worthwhile program, with Emma offering coaching and advice, which differed from traditional training programs. Utilising a combination of one-on-one sessions, phone conversations, educational articles and books and group sessions with like minded peers, this coaching program offered so much more than I anticipated. Emma tailored the program to suit outcomes guided by my needs. Emma’s enthusiasm and professionalism provided a great learning environment and encouraged me to think outside the box. I would highly recommend Emma and her customised coaching sessions.

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Lucy Flanders


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I’ve been coached by Emma for the past year and when it came time to review this arrangement, it was a no-brainer for me to sign up for another 12 months! Emma keeps me accountable, believes in me, and pushes me outside of my comfort zone. She is warm, approachable and caring, yet isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions. Without Emma’s support and guidance I wouldn’t have had the courage to take the risks that have been necessary for me to grow my business. I now feel more motivated and invigorated than I have in years. I’m thrilled with the growth that I have seen in my business over the past 12 months. I would recommend Emma without hesitation!

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Caroline Burrows

Mindful Living
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Throughout this year I have been lucky enough to be selected to work with Emma in the Thriving Women for Microsoft program. This is a 6 month program where I have broadened my Network, connected to seriously smart women and getting to work on my own career path and clearly define my strengths and understand what areas to work harder on. There are two key area's where this program has really helped me. 1. Being able to share my idea's and business problems with like minded women in IT and use them as a sound board to apply in my own situation. 2. Working directly with Emma as a one-one coach who has helped me define exactly what I want in the next step of my career and to show up and ask for it!

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Rhiannon Tunstall

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Emma is wonderful to work with. She is intuitive, motivated, always positive and always honest. I've had the privilege of working with Emma for the past 12 months and she has been an immense asset to my business and I.

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Rebecca Kartel

The Kartel Solution
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Emma's thriving women program was such a wonderful experience. It contained community, connection and coaching. The women we connected with and the ongoing relationships formed was priceless. Our business flourished by doing the thriving women program.

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Dr Lucy Burns

Real Life Medicine
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Emma McQueen is a brilliant coach and facilitator who has got me thinking big, guided me through taking action, and moved my business partner and I to clarity and teamwork. I was part of Thriving Women for two years and it is a joy to be a part of a community of women who are all accelerating their businesses whilst providing support and exchanging ideas with each other. Emma creates and cultivates an atmosphere of community over connection and she puts in 110%. Emma has helped us to double our revenue, to understand our worth and importantly our value.

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I greatly value Emma’s capacities as an executive coach and highly recommend her. Emma has a unique capacity to quickly build rapport and create a safe space where both new and experienced leaders can be affirmed, enabled to gain insight into their own strengths as well as being challenged to examine difficult issues and questions. She brings great strategic insight into her coaching, having a laugh along the way while working to achieve strong outcomes for her clients. I have sought her support both personally and with my executive teams, for individual coaching as well as collectively for team-building. Her genuine interest in people, together with her extensive experience in large organisations, inform her practice today.

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Conny Lenneberg

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Emma has really helped me to increase my confidence and try new things in my business. Before I worked with Emma I felt really overwhelmed with my next steps, the large to-do list felt crushing, and I didn't know where to even begin. I felt a little bit lonely not having friends who worked in their own business who understood some of the challenges I was going through, so I thought a group coaching program would be a great fit. Emma has helped me find some clarity and calm in my business. Her energy is infectious and her generosity of spirit, time and energy are unparalleled. She has created a network of businesswomen who are supportive, encouraging, and incredibly inspirational. I feel privileged to be a part of this network and I look forward to another year working with Emma McQueen.

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Marie Vakakis

The Therapy Hub
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There’s no doubt about it. Being female, running a household, leading people, running a business, caring for family…. it takes resilience, resources and getting the right people around you. Having worked with Emma myself she walks her talk and is the real deal. From start to finish Go-Getter is full of such valuable insights, practical mindset and business advice that is incredibly refreshing. At times I felt like she was reading my mind! Reading it reminded me to be my own best friend, to stop losing time on the perfectionism and run my own race without worrying what others think of me. I wish I had this book when I started my career in leadership and my own business years ago

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Jane Anderson

Jane Anderson
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When I think of Emma as a person, I think of a hard-working, driven mentor, that is authentic and always able to see the big picture and cut through any bull. When I think of Emma as a coach I think of someone not scared to ask hard questions that have forced me to reflect on what’s really holding me back in my career and life goals. I came to coaching slowly and with some scepticism. I had thought, ‘Why pay someone to tell me what I already know?’ I felt I just needed to motivate myself. Well, I tried to do the work myself for a few years and felt like I was going backwards. I was struggling to get that lift in my career and I was beginning to lose confidence in my ability. So, I decided to bite the bullet and try it out. Now, I’m fully converted.

Within just three months Emma had lifted my game and I’d found a new job, a role I wouldn’t have dreamed of applying for four months earlier and I’m now working with Emma to become the awesome leader I know I can be! If you’re looking for that lift up, I advise you to book in a time to chat with Emma to see where you need to start.

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Tracy Bell

Australian Conservation Foundation

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It’s been an absolute pleasure working with the bubbly and insightful Emma McQueen. Being a part of the ‘Go-Getters’ program has elevated my business to amazing new heights. Her encouragement and wealthy ideas to ‘get things done’ has enabled me to work smarter and not harder. Each session I get so much more than what I was expecting! Plus her book is full of business goodness. Thanks so much Emma

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Laura Higgins

The Inspired Hive
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Before you commit to reading this book, I ask one question: “Are you prepared to have your mind changed?” If you are, and this is your motivation for picking up this book, by turning its pages, you will be compelled to act. To do something. To make change happen, you are in charge, and in your hand is a way forward. It is a book overflowing with insight, gems and generosity, but I must say, nothing surprises me about it, for I have got to know the person who penned it. Emma McQueen is a leader. Real leaders beget leaders. Yes, leaders attract followers, but generous leaders, those who embrace teaching, attract leaders. The book is not a page-turner; it is a page-pauser. You will be reading it, and then you will stop reading it. It will demand you pause and reflect. This is a gift. It is now your gift.

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Cameron Schwab

Design CEO