5 Top Tips for Getting a New Manager Up and Running

I was coaching a leader who was new into a business, having come from a different industry, being used to working at a different pace, and having not quite grasped the new business. His manager suggested a coach to help him get adjusted to the new way of working and to help him get up to speed quickly. I was hired as the new coach. 

We all want our new employees to succeed, however many feel overwhelmed with their new work place, the new expectations placed upon them, and the new set of dynamics- from executive relationships, to the politics that play out in the boardroom. 

I am often asked how to set employees up for success. There are a myriad of ways to do this, however here are my top 5:

1. Let them listen! Let them take the time to listen to their direct reports, employees, the business and the boss, to discover the great things about working in your business and to find out what the pain points are within the business.

2. A plan of some sort is a good start – what do they want to achieve in 30/60/90 days? Does their plan match yours? Be clear about what you want them to focus on for the first 3 months (SMART goals anyone?)

3. Set them up with a buddy within the business and a mentor or coach external to the business. 

4. Discuss with them what they need from a professional development standpoint (which you should know from the recruitment process).

5. Work with them to determine success measures, so that you both know, very clearly, and before the end of the 90 days whether they are on the right track.

My final thought – please, please, please provide them with feedback early and often so that they know if they are doing a good job/excellent job/poor job.

If you have a new employee (manager/leader), who wants to be successful fast, check out my propel to success program. The first 90 days as a brand-new manager can be an exciting time, but it can also be difficult, daunting and overwhelming. Propel to success can offer the support new managers/leaders need in order to succeed in their new role in a way that makes learning practical and ensuring it sticks.

Be Enthusiastic, optimistic and energetic, everyday

Em x

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