Choosing Happy Monday!

For the past two years, I have been running an experiment, every day, regardless of the day of the week, I would put a “happy” in front of it, and so, if it was a Tuesday, I would walk into work and say “Happy Tuesday”. I’m quite sure my colleagues at the time thought I was a bit bonkers (or at least that was the look I received from some of them) but I continued to do it, even upping the ante in the second year and adding it as a line to my emails. Why? 

Great question, glad you asked!

1.    When you are greeted with something like this, what does one say in return? You can’t help but smile a little (even in that “you’re crazy” kind of way), so you make someone’s day just that little bit brighter. And hopefully you get a “happy Tuesday” in return.

2.    It was a great reminder to me that regardless of how I felt when I woke up, or if I had not had a great start to the day that it was me and only me who could choose my attitude for the day.

3.    Who wants to work for a miserable boss? As a leader of people, you set the tone, if you are miserable, what do you think your staff will be? If you are happy, how do you think they will react?

I received an email from a colleague who had left the business, they told me that they had started using it as a way to change the culture and it was then that I realized the impact of this simple act, done with discipline and deliberate intent. We each have the chance to choose our attitude and have a happy day and help others do the same.

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