Managing your mojo

Managing your mojo. What does that mean?

The Oxford Dictionary defines “mojo” as “influence, especially magic power.” There certainly is something captivating about the word, isn’t there?

I believe mojo is about energy. We all have a unique energy that drives us, keeps us going when times get tough, and inspires and influences others.

But we can’t just sit back and expect our mojo to always be there. We need to work on it, cultivate it and manage it so that we can thrive in our personal and professional lives.

What if your mojo’s missing?

Without mojo, we can’t be the best versions of ourselves. We feel flat, uninspired and overwhelmed. We are unable to step into our potential, and we can’t get done what needs to get done to reach our goals – or we get it done, but it’s a frustrating, slow process, and we feel impatient.

Have you ever felt this way? Sometimes, we snap out of it – but more often than not, it takes a conscious effort to get our mojo back.

How to get back – and keep – your mojo

Melissa is like an Energizer Bunny. She works full-time in a high senior role in a corporate organisation. She also has two small children, and her husband runs his own business.

Like most of us, Melissa is busy, busy, busy! And she knows that to keep her mojo up and useful to her, she needs to have enough energy throughout the day.

How does Melissa maintain her energy and mojo? She carves out time three days a week to go for a run.

How simple is that?! By creating this time for herself, Melissa gets fresh air, feels her heart pumping, clears her mind and feels re-energised. All this combines to top up her mojo.

Now, you might baulk at the thought of running, but you can manage your mojo in many other ways. Here are just a few examples:

  • Meditate
  • Go for a walk, bike ride, or to the gym
  • Spend time with friends
  • Enjoy quality time with your partner
  • Volunteer

These activities are important, and you need to stick to them. Schedule them in your diary as you would an appointment, and don’t cancel on yourself!

What other activities can you think of that could help you reclaim your mojo?

It’s up to you…

If you don’t manage your mojo, then you won’t have any energy left. You need to make sure you’ve got enough energy to get you through the day and your busy life. You need mojo to meet the demands on you as a professional and as a family person – and to enjoy life!

So, what are you doing to manage your mojo?

I’m Emma, and I’m a business and executive coach who believes wholeheartedly in the potential of women. My coaching philosophy is simple- taking action leads to results- and I love working with women in business and in corporate roles to take their passion and drive and transform their professional and personal lives.

Be enthusiastic, optimistic and energetic, every day.

Em x

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