Three surprising hacks that will save you time, money and energy, from an unlikely source!

Let me introduce you to this week’s guest blogger, Jamie Jaworski. Jamie is the Principal and Chartered Accountant at OAK Business Services.

Jamie’s professional life started as an auditor at PwC, then he went on to become a Chartered Accountant. Since PwC he has held several corporate roles in accounting, financial reporting and business improvement.

However, it is working with small and medium sized business owners that he is most passionate about. Using his skills, knowledge and experience he helps business owners go further with their business.

The tips he is offering this week are so simple, yet will change the way you do business, and will in turn save you time, money and energy. Who knew a Charted Accountant could offer so much?!

Take it away Jamie . . .

I was working with a client recently who came to me stressed and a bit frazzled. She was spending hours each week trying to use an accounting package that was too complex for the business and she had no method of tracking new leads. I began to think about how many business owners out there are struggling to keep on top of things and working for their business, instead of having their business work for them. Here’s 3 tips towards getting your business to work for you!

1. Control your prospects!
Are you losing track of your contacts? Their history, notes, emails, calls, who works at what company, what your sales pipeline looks like?

Never fear, there are solutions out there for you! And some are even free 🙂

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps keep track of the people and companies you do business with, communications with them, opportunities in the pipeline, and what needs to be done and when. A CRM will help you present professionally, as all pertinent information about a prospect can be at your fingertips.

2. What’s the plan for your business?
Every business should have a business plan. Without a live business plan many businesses fly blind. Money may be coming in, but for the same effort a better lifestyle and more money could be achievable.

Business plans are not only for startups, they should be a continuously referenced and updated. A business plan will allow you to see your business end-to-end, provide strategic focus and help you set priorities. If you haven’t already got a business plan, take the time to create one and schedule in a monthly review.

3. Are you continuously improving?
All businesses big and small have consistent opportunities for improvement. Even the smallest change such as using your phone calendar to slot in times for key tasks can help you get things done.

Set some time aside each month to think about how you do things and brainstorm how they could be done better. If the task you are completing isn’t adding value to your business, or a step towards your goal, then drop it or delegate it. Your time is valuable and you should be viewing your tasks with that in mind.

Inefficiencies and opportunities exist in all businesses. Through our exclusive Business Improvement Program, we provide businesses with outcomes to remedy inefficiencies and capitalise on opportunities. All to generate a better customer experience and increased profits. Feel free to contact OAK Business Services to show you how the Business Improvement Program could help your business.

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Jamie Jaworski
Principal and Chartered Accountant
OAK Business Services

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