Tea with the Queen

Covid nearly ruined my business – now I’m thriving! – Belinda Eden


Belinda Eden almost had a break down. She and her husband had just refinanced their home to help Belinda pursue her dream of running her brand-new hospitality business. And then the pandemic hit. She was doing all she could to support her family, and waiting for things to subside. It wasn’t easy. In fact, it was horrible. Things did eventually open up, and almost overnight the light down the dark tunnel became super bright.

Belinda’s business, Troop Events, provides on-demand hospitality and event staff across Ballarat and regional Victoria. Since the lifting of restrictions, the business has taken off. It’s helped staff the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix as well as other events big and small. It’s got huge potential and Belinda has big plans for the future.

Be ready to be inspired and learn what it takes to run a business!

Troop Events https://www.troop-events.com.au/