Tea with the Queen

We learn a lot when we challenge ourselves – Turia Pitt


Turia Pitt has been through the most extraordinary life-changing experience. In 2011, she was in the rugged Kimberley ranges of north-west WA competing in a 100km ultramarathon, when suddenly she was confronted with a bushfire. She had nowhere to go as the flames caught up with her. She suffered burns to 65 percent of her body. Turia spent six months in hospital, had 200 operations and two years in recovery.

Her extraordinary resilience has been an inspiration to everyone around the world. She’s written several books – her latest is called Happy, where she seeks answers on the question: Is it possible to be happier? She chats with Emma McQueen about her life since the fire, and how she continues to test her limits. She’s a firm believer in the adage that we learn a lot about ourselves when we challenge ourselves.

Turia Pitt – https://www.turiapitt.com/